Tuesday, 15 January 2008

The Mole Creek Wood Puzzle

Mole Creek Wood Puzzle
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How did the object GET INTO the wood?

The idea of this puzzle is to work out how the oject GOT INTO the wood - NOT how to get it out again. Once you know how it got in, the process can be reversed and only then you can get it out again without breaking it!

  • The wood is not cut and joined and remains in one piece throughout the process.
  • The wood is not steamed, bent or twisted
  • The pencile, screw or nail is not cut and joined
  • Lateral thinking involved - use your brain, not brute force
  • Fascinate your friends; frustrate your foes!
  • Many people have had a theory - engineers, mechanics, scientists, carpenters and woodtrners... BUT few have solve the mystery!

Post your solutions, since I am clueless...

(C) on puzzle by A Touch of Craft, Mole Creek, Tasmania, Australia

More photos of the puzzle....

Mole creek wood puzzle
Originally uploaded by wvds

And a link about the creator of this puzzle.